Cream Eye Shadow time with Revlon Illuminance

I gotta be honest.  I am not a big fan of cream shadows for an all over eye look.  I do love them for a base on my eye if I’m not using a primer.  It gives the color I am applying something to stick to.  I saw this eye palette at Walgreens on sale for  $3.50 (or a little more change, I can’t remember) and decided I’d give it a shot.  The colors are really beautiful.  They have a lot of pigment to them when swatched. 

As far as application, I’m not sure I can rave about them.  I think if I were creating a very simple look with just a couple of colors, I’d say they were ok.   As far as placing colors in the crease and getting it to blend correctly, I don’t know.  I didn’t have the easiest time getting them to blend.  They weren’t horrible, but I wouldn’t say it was super easy either . I tried to put these colors on using my fingers and using a brush.  I had better luck with my fingers.  I used my Sigma Beauty Brushes (E55 and E 70) and had pretty good luck, but just using my fingers gave me better control and an easier time blending.

 I would probably reach for this palette to use as a base for other shadows or to just throw on a color quickly to give me a nice, simple nude look.  It’s not the worst cream shadow I’ve ever used and for only $3.50, it’s not too bad.

Have you ever tried any cream shadows that you had luck with? Or ones you didn’t like! I’d love to hear your stories or any tricks you had to applying them.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Skinlights

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  • Anonymous

    I am not a fan of cream eyeshadows. I have never had any luck with them – they always crease. This has been with and without primer. I’m sure someone out there can wear them, but not me!

  • Lee Young Hyun

    I have those too! but different colors. I wear an eyeshadow on top and last really long.
    Thats how I wear cream eyeshadows.:)

    • Simply Stine

      I think that’s exactly what I’ll be using these for!