Olay Total Effects Tone Corrector

Recently I did a blog and talked about BB Creams and CC Creams.  I spoke about  the Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer in the review. This is a CC Cream.   I hadn’t tried it yet but wanted to. So when I was at a store recently, I picked it up and have been using it ever since.

A CC Cream is a color corrector.  It’s going to help anyone with any sort of redness, dark spots, etc.  The benefits of this type of product is that it combines numerous products we are already using and puts them into this one product.  It’s a moisturizer, with SPF benefits, that has a touch of color.

The Olay Total Effects Tone Corrector was $23.00 where I purchased it.  It might seem like a hefty price tag for a drug store product, but its doing quite a bit for that money.  On the back of my label it stated that it “Fights seven signs of aging.”  With continued use it stated the product could, “Fight fine lines and wrinkles, help uneven tone, reduce discoloration, improve cell turn over, moisturize and help against moisture loss and give a youthful luminosity.” That one product seems to do quite a lot to help the skin. So $23.00 is probably not much for a comparable big name product. I actually had $10 CVS ExtraCare Rewards, so I only ended up paying $13.00.

I found this product to be really nice.  At the time I was using this product I had just used a skincare product that had way too much glycolic acid and really damaged my skin.  I needed something to help moisturize my face without making me too oily.  This worked great.  I wouldn’t say it hid all of my redness, but I left the house feeling confident and wasn’t worried about my face being all red and splotchy.  I did get a bit oily during the day, but it actually wasn’t that bad.  I hadn’t used a primer when I used this and I normally get very oily without one.  This can be worn as just a sheer tint or under makeup. I felt like the coverage of this one was a little bit more than a tinted moisturizer, but very similar to a BB Cream.  I used my Due Fibre Sigma Brush to apply this all over the face.

Obviously after a couple uses I am not going to notice drastic, dramatic differences with my skin.  I did really enjoy this product and have been using it quite often.  I feel that with continued use, I think this will really make a difference in my skin tone.  I did purchase the fair to light shade, but they did make one that was light to medium for darker skin tones. So if you are looking for an “all in one” product or some anti-aging benefits, I’d pick up a bottle and try it out.  For the money, I feel that its a great investment.

This was me doing a quick snap shot while wearing this product. It was taken about four hours after application.  Not too bad! It did give a nice “luminous” glow to the face and really evened out my redness pretty nicely.  

I’d love to hear if any of you have tried this product and what you thought.  Let me know!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01034191975679719727 sd.glitter

    I really want to try this product coz the review looks really good but definitely at $23.00 it could be a lot but if it gives result then yes sure…Its the age of the creams I must say…


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14983793116780621349 Simply Stine

      It sure is!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08852808746302942365 Jamie

    This is the type of product that I love… quick application and sheer coverage for work, however the last formulation Olay had (I believe it was the Definity Color Recapture) caused me to have a reaction when I would wear it out in the sun. I would get very sore and rashy on my face. Ouch!! 🙁 Bummer because I love these types of products.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14983793116780621349 Simply Stine

      Yeah, from what I have read, that product is being replaced with this product. Sometimes these products can cause sensitivity when being in the sun. That is why they include an SPF, but if it really bothered you and produced a rash, I wouldn’t use it. Have you tried a BB Cream or a CC Cream in a different brand? THere will be more BB Creams available as they have been in the US for a longer period of time than CC Creams have been. There are some drugstore brands that are good and Smashbox and Bobbi Brown make a great BB Cream.